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Saturday, December 11, 2004

books and reading and learning are all powerful experiences.

some of my favorite memories growing up revolve around books: being read to by my parents, trying to sneak in one more book after lights out, learning new words and discovering new lands by diving into a book on my own. books were lucious new worlds, gateways to escape, introductions to characters i loved, the thing that was always there for me.

this is by way of explaining why i have a soft spot for the latest place highlighted over at Strengthen the Good. Doug Dart is teaching The C.S. Lewis Bilingual Gymnaziumin in the Petrzalka district of Bratislava, Slovakia for a year, helping the kids learn English - what the students call 'the language of freedom'. He's up against some steep hurdles, not the least of which being a dearth of books.

so, how can you help? send books. anything that has touched you, that you would recommend, that you remember reading in high school, or any time, that you've enjoyed - send them. explore the article on the Gymnaziumin over at STG for more details, including how to send books on the curriculum, or pack up your used or extra books for their library, and ship them to:

Douglas Dart
C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School
Benadicka 38
Bratislava 85106
Slovak Republic

give a book, and feed an imagination.

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Thursday, December 9, 2004

we have lost a truly rare and fine individual today.

i remember hearing David Brudnoy on the radio years ago and appreciating the civility of the discussion, and the intelligence he applied to the topic.

it seems, from what's been written, that David went out with his head up and on his own terms; he will certainly be missed, and i wish him all the peace he deserves.

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Monday, December 6, 2004

just some of the many reasons i love my stepson:

we got tickets to see the Art Deco exhibit at the MFA this past weekend. (thank heavens for memberships, which are a good deal anyway, and very helpful on limited budgets.) Little Small was interested, because he'd seen the 1930s car in the lobby when we took him a few weekends ago to see the samurai armor. (did i tell that story? mmmph. poke me if i didn't.)

so we get there, and have about half an hour before going to the exhibit. we take him in to see some of the more modern art, including a piece that's a big ol' concave mirror. boy, dancing around in front of that was fun! also, chandeliers blinking Morse code. and then we just poked around the galleries. LS stopped every few feet to draw what he was seeing, in the sketchbook he carried around with him. his art skills are quite creditable, and it was interesting to see what he picked to draw (Tiffany and LaFarge among them).

then we get into the Art Deco exhibit. (he was adorable giving the tickets to the staff person.) so many pretty things, and he saw so many little details in the objects (granted, with the attention span of a 6 year old, but still quite attentive). i tried to point out a few things here and there that i thought might click for him, and at one point, sat him down to look at a Picasso. 'this one is by a famous artist [ed. note: yeah, like he cares] named Picasso, honey. it's a picture of a woman.'

*puzzled look* 'huh? it just looks like a bunch of rocks and blocks.'

makes me giggle, even just telling the story. calls 'em like he sees 'em, that one. :)

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Sunday, December 5, 2004

truly, i have no shame.

having run up and down the stairs doing laundry (did i mention that our bedroom is on the third floor? and the laundry is in the basement? but hey - at least it's in the building) i wanted a little late night nosh. and There Was Stuffing. and It Was Good.

yes, i pulled the pot of stuffing out of the fridge, and stood there with a fork.

mmmmmmmm. stuffing. :)

(ah, the joy of blogging - sharing thoughts or stories that should stay on the inside. ;) )

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