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Saturday, November 20, 2004

it feels like it's been a lifetime since the layoff, and that seems odd.

or, more accurately, i can't feel what it was like to be there, because there are too many other things between there and here. make sense?

i've tried to remember that life needs to be handled in bite sized chunks, and worked accordingly. zero in on a task, do it. don't be overwhelmed by the 10 boxes of (mostly smashed) stuff that showed up in the past few days - look at carving out space a box at a time. don't freak out about not being able to feed the family - take 20 minutes to repackage things for the freezer. don't lose your mind about what a mess the place is - spend a few minutes emptying all kinds of trash out into the barrels.

we also (paradoxically, in a move that makes *complete* sense for an utterly unemployed family, she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm) ran many errands today, and procured immense deals on several items. one was a lightly scuffed but very repairable chair for Little Small's desk. $5. you can't beat that. other things... well, they will be revealed shortly.

hhrmph. late, tired, unsure what tomorrow will bring. also: grateful for what today has brought, looking forward to connecting with sis tomorrow, and very pleased that one task i did finish tonight was setting up my altar. don't know why it's taken so long to unpack that, but tonight was a good time to do that. it feels very reassuring to have that powerful, personal space back in place.

*toddles off to do a few more bits and pieces before utterly collapsing* nite, all.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

things are feeling a bit surreal here, at least for me.

The Dane is more even keeled about this than i am, possibly because he's been thru this before, and largely because that's just the way he is. and i'm grateful, because i need that right now. he's my rock.

not sure how much i'll write about what transpired, because it's still settling in - the idea of being untethered, unemployed, living in some odd Salvidor Dali-inspired alternate universe. also because i'm not sure i'd have anything constructive to say. but we'll see. who knows where my head will be next week?

nah, maybe i'll finally have a chance to knock out some serious entries. that would be a good target - make 5 phone calls, write an entry.

anyway. working away at solving this, a bit at a time. also, there is some very exciting news brewing, but a few more i's and t's need to be dotted and crossed, then i'll share. just know that there are good things going on for us, even in the midst of all this crapola.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

and then there were none.

we've both been laid off.

anyone hiring a couple of geeks?

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the more things change... there must be a witty quote in there somewhere.

as of this morning, i'm temporarily the sole breadwinner for our little family.

positive karma our way would be muchly appreciated.

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