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Thursday, October 28, 2004

great article over at ESPN - The Nation's destination: Destiny.

Sometimes we bring home doggie bags for the Dooze. This one time, we brought her home a pork chop, which she picked up and slinked over to the living room, then dropped it on the ground. Then she kept glancing at the pork chop, then back at us. Really? This is for me? You serious? That's how I feel right now. Like Dooze staring at that pork chop. A World Series championship? Red Sox players celebrating? Really? For me?

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still letting it all sink in... listening to Remy and Epstein and Henry and Lucchino on the radio this morning, as they also realize what's happened.

leave it to james to put together the perfect graphic for the moment, as part of his entry The Sun Is Up.

eta: and james, who rocks, offered to let me put the image up here! thanks, james!

2004 World Champion Red Sox!

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oh. my. god!

in this lifetime. in this lifetime! IN THIS LIFETIME!

i'm laughing, and crying, and thinking that my sis is right - this is a fundamental change to the universe. i'm thinking that it was cool to sit behind Theo Epstein at a minor league game this summer, and it's even more amazing to watch him on TV tonight, crying and cheering on his team. i'm thrilled that we woke up Little Small to watch the last inning, and that he broke out in a big grin when i told him i made sure i knew where his Schilling shirt was for tomorrow. i can't believe that The Dane and i got to watch our team, the Red Sox, the local boys, our much loved and historically previously beleaguered team march right thru the lineup. eight games. eight games in a row! notable in the regular season, amazing in the pennant race, stunning in the Series.

absolutely stunning.

in this lifetime. man, oh man. in this lifetime. :)

eta: it's mindboggling to me that Little Small will start his fandom with a World Series winning team. he won't have any idea what it's like to root for a lifetime for a team that nearlyalmostalwaysbutnotquiteinwaysthatbreakyourheart makes it.

and please, please, please let people be safe tonight. please, let people celebrate in reasonable ways - like having a beer at home, or maybe walking outside and whooping a few times, then turning in. please - let people be safe.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

i almost don't want to say anything.

as mike noted, those of us who have been following The Nation for more than a few seasons are deeply superstitious, and completely unused to this feeling of... of... anticipation? is that what this is?

in this lifetime, in this lifetime, in this lifetime...

here's hoping that we can wake up Little Small to watch the last inning, and see an eclipse, and ce... nope. can't even type it.

but it's got to mean something that the eclipse is supposed to appear red, doesn't it?

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

in this lifetime, in this lifetime, in this lifetime...

keeping every available digit crossed.

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my morning drive can sometimes be exciting, for a variety of reasons. Little Small, my failure to negotiate the clutch, construction - you name it.

head turkey - no, really!
this morning, however, was especially interesting, thanks to this guy (nods right).

i had hopped into the car without clearing the back window, and when i looked around back to see if it was safe to back out of the driveway, i saw a small head bobbing by. at first, i thought it was a kid (we have an early school program at the bottom of the hill), but no, the head was way too small, and it was walking sort of funny, like a ... hey! that's a turkey!

so i killed the engine and hopped out of the car, determined to get a picture of the little bugger. as i was trying to finagle the camera (mind you, this was all pre-caffeine), i caught something out of the corner of my eye, and damned if there weren't five more of them, forming a little turkey parade, coming around the corner from the Mysterious Vanishing Neighbor's driveway*! (that shot is from the end of our driveway, looking down the hill.)

it was really quite a treat to watch them meander down the street, stopping here and there to forage (altho i did point out to them that one of them should be gracing my Thanksgiving table). after living in a city-ish enough place for many years, where 'wildlife' translates to 'pigeons, rats and squirrels, with the occasional racoon thrown in for variety', it's great to be in a place where there's bonafide wild life. :)

* i have no idea what the scoop is on the Mysterious Vanishing Neighbor. we haven't seen any activity in the house next door since we moved in, altho it's clearly owned and cared for. yard is clean, packages are picked up... and nobody comes or goes. perhaps the mystery will be solved on Halloween? ;)

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unconscious mutterings:

Blackout:: cake
Platinum:: band
Leather and lace:: reunion
Court:: and spark
Mind your own business:: nosy
Gambling:: riverboat
Lily:: of the valley
Evasive:: autobahn
Turn-on:: the lights
Suspect:: Clue

odd, scattered sorts of things in my brain this week, apparently.

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