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Saturday, January 3, 2004

the friday five:

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. ...today?

napping. lots of other things (Chinese takeout, snuggle time with my honey, seeing LMB before he jets off to Florida), but mostly napping.

2. ...over the next week?

having my sweetie all to myself for the week.

3. ...this year?

moving. i view this with excitement and trepidation: moving is a lot of work, and i'm giving up my personal space, but i'm doing it to build a life with the man i love, and that's just about the best reason there is.

(getting married would be in this spot, but it's just over a year out there.)

4. ...over the next five years?

this one, i think, i keep to myself. i'm just superstitious enough to not want to jinx anything.

5. ...for the rest of your life?

sharing my life with my best friend, my soulmate, my love.

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Thursday, January 1, 2004

sshhhh... it's late, and it's best to be quiet, in case others are sleeping.

me and my two favorite guysbut i couldn't resist: this has been just about the best New Year's ever. no resolutions, no wild parties, no Auld Lang Syne-ing. just a group of friends and family i care about very much, and one veeeeery tired little man who manfully tried to last it out (and crashed watching Ice Age), and some fireworks and a blinky blue wand. we spent the night walking around, and sharing dinner, and talking, and hanging out by the fire, and watching the ball drop in Times Square (en español, because it's better that way), and toasting the new year.

i can't remember the last time i felt this loved.

hope you all had a good evening, too.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

just wrapping things up here before heading out for some New Year's festivities.

last few bits of things at work, tidying up loose ends, and listening to LMB figure out how to balance little metal men on top of each other (one of my office toys). it's been pretty quiet here, for the most part, with an occasional dollop of excitement. bit of a relief, actually, to be back in the office.

the last week or so has been eye opening for me. i had Christmas week off, and spent much of it doing family things. not unusual, really, until you think that The Dane and i are busy building a whole new family. and i'm figuring out that there's far more to the parenting gig than i had ever imagined. i imagined it was full time, and challenging, and rewarding. it's all that, and far, far more. i can honestly say that i had only the very vaguest inkling of what i was signing up for when The Dane and i got together. i can also honestly say that when it all comes together, it's a far greater thing than i'd ever imagined.

plus? exhausting. so yeah, it's been a relief to get back to work (never thought i'd say *that*).

but tonight, it's off to celebrate. a little parade, a little fireworks, some magic, some silliness, a bunch of good friends, and a peaceful new year.

and a peaceful new year to each of you, as well. may you celebrate as you wish, with friends and family, warm and safe (or cold and safe, if you're outside!). see you in the new year!

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a belated but sincere birthday wish to jen!

(you don't want me to sing, do you? you do? okay - just remember, you asked. actually, you didn't ask at all; i'm just imagining that you might. *g*)

hippo bird day two ewes
hippo bird day two ewes
hippo BIRD day two eeewwwwwwes.....
hippo bird day two ewes!

(and if i could have cleverly worked a bunny in there, i would have, too.)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

we went to see a movie last night, the three of us, The Dane, Chica and me, and it was grand.

so very grown up to have a night out, and see a real live movie in a theater and all! gives me the shivers, just thinking about it!

and yes, it was very nearly that much fun. it takes so long to coordinate schedules, and figure out when we're all off from work, and where is there a good movie playing that we all want to see - geez, even when it's just me and The Dane, it takes a fair amount of planning. plus, it is a not-so-small investment to go out to a film event. tickets alone are pricey. and then comes the snack food.

ah, yes. the snack food. i figured i'd head off that cost at the pass by bringing cookies. The Dane and i were getting something to eat for dinner, and i thought i'd pick up a bag of cookies to share, all three of us. so first i figured i'd get some Pepperidge Farm Tahoe cookies - you know, the ones with the big white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts? possibly the only good use for white chocolate, as far as i'm concerned. anyway, that was fine until i realized there were 8 cookies. not divisible by three.

The Dane: we can share.
me: but it's not divisible by three.
TD: we can just split the last cookie three ways.
me: no, see, that doesn't work, because we get two cookies each, then there are two left, and we each get 2/3 of a cookie.
TD: [blank look]
me: no, really, it's important. see, if we get these [points to the Entertaining Collection, which name was more accurate than they anticipated], there are 42 cookies.
TD: that's an even number.
me: ah, but still divisible by three!! we each get 14 cookies!
TD: [shakes head] you really think about this stuff, don't you?
me: yup.

of course, i had to check when i opened the box that there were three or six of each kind of cookie, so that we would get a fair sampling in the 14 cookies. fortunately, the packaging people nicely thought of just that sort of thing. ;)

(by the by, we saw Matrix: Revolutions, and it was dandy.)

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

*cough cough ahem*

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy biiiiirthday, dear sweetie
happy birthday toooooo you!

boop boop be doo.

happiest birthday, babe. :)

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ah, the pitter patter of tiny feet... at 3:40 AM.

yep, that's when Christmas started for me.

*patpatpatpatpatpat* 'beth! beth! it's morning!'

~sigh~ 'okay, *technically* you're right. but you need to sleep more.'

LMB opted for his own bed... the first time. and i didn't go back to sleep, because i figured that might be the case. sure enough, half an hour later...

*patpatpatpatpatpat* 'beth! beth! it's Christmas morning! wake up!'

'y'know, Santa has a lot of houses to get to, so he's probably still working. come up here, little one.'

ah.... snoring. :) always good when the Santa card works. that one held out until 5:30, and i figured if he could wake up the dad-type person, it was fair game to get up then. oh, and it was so worth it to see that little face light up, mouth agape at the tree and the gifts and the lights.

so. Christmas started a leetle early for me, and went late, and i got to see lots of people, and listen to Dylan Thomas, and have a lovely time (between yawns), and i'm still recovering, so more stories tomorrow.

hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and that Santa was very good to you. :)

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