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Friday, May 16, 2003

oooooo. pretty.

i adore reference materials (cf. "freakish love of"). and courtesy of 13labs, i've found a new one: Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus.

oooooo. pretty.

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i'm still feeling fairly ass over teakettle, mentally. so i'm trying to remind myself to feel good about small accomplishments.

to wit: i actually paid up all my bills today, including the gas bill that's been looming over my head for some time, taunting me with cold nights (i could be cold in July) and the inability to be a grownup. *vanquished* and while i didn't do all my laundry, i did enough to be servicable - lots of socks and underwear. i also sent off a donation to Community Servings, courtesy of my office mates who generously donated a few bills here and there for my (dusty and cat-hair laden) books that needed to find a new home.

so that's good, right?

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'bout time for me to learn something new, i think.

i've been using CSS in a half-baked sort of way for a while. i've been sort of piqued by those who 'skin' their sites (could there be a less attractive word for it?). but i haven't been really motivated to do much more than get things to work here.

ah. but then. then there came along the css Zen Garden. beautiful, serene, enchanting. and inspiring. i've snagged a couple of files as 'teach by example', and will dig the CSS manual out of the trunk of my car (where it's doing me exactly no good), and mean to teach myself some CSS.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

a random picture, just because.

floating head, in a sort of artsy way

well, largely because i paid a good chunk of change to be able to upload images. but also because i was rooting around in old files, and found that from a bout of mirror-type picture taking at the cabin last year.

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interesting to me, as a writer, how very malleable our words are.

and so much of the interpretation depends on the reader. take, for example, Tempo, a little piece of writing i did a few years ago. go ahead, take a minute to read it. i'll be right here. *whistles softly* okay. what do you think it's about? mmm. thought so. actually, i have no idea what you'll say, but i'm pretty sure that nobody will hazard that it's about my kundalini yoga class.

makes me contemplate very much the consequences, intended and unintended, of the words we choose to use, which may or may not be the words another hears.

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Badger rampage injures five.

(note to self: find other way to commit original sin than poking a badger with a spoon.)

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a little visual inspiration for today:

dean's Found Alphabet. he's really got a great eye for these things.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

because this came up in conversation the other day, as i extracted a plastic cork from my wine bottle:

the possible status of the Iberian lynx and 42 species of endangered birds could be affected by the health of the cork industry.

The green issues here are paramount. This is the only industry that actually cultivates oak forests and nurtures ancient woodlands. All the conservation and environmental groups should take this issue up. The future of the forests is a major global issue.

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i occasionally feel like i am losing my mind. but this takes the cake, so to speak.

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Monday, May 12, 2003

how could i not link to this?

danish soundscapes. (courtesy of The Morning News.)

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sometimes, it pays to be a little behind. ;)

tea with the Boston Blogging Babes this past Saturday was quite lovely. and while i have been laggardly in posting about it, the rest of the women have not been.

Laura's right: the chocolate mousse was divine. ;) amazing how devious those little teeny weeny pastries can be, in appearing to be not quite enough when in fact there was more than enough for us all to try. (and i'm very excited that the trip will be far less arduous for you the next time around!) Shelley wrote about it, complete with pictures she took with her great new digitoy. (sorry the group shot wasn't to your liking - because you really are lovely - and here's proof. *wink*) and Jen snuck in some pictures, too. (thanks again for suggesting all of this! and if you haven't checked out Jen's Tea in Boston page, i highly recommend it.)

there was no proper hat - probably just as well. not sure i would have been able to manage that, and remember to use the indoor voice, *and* the indoor vocabulary. as it was, i was so excited about one of the pastries that i very nearly pitched my whole plate into my lap by accident. nothing like tossing silverware and china around to get the attention of everyone else in the room, eh? perhaps if i'd been a tad more discreet, we would have slipped under the radar and been able to pull off the Great Cheese Heist. oh, yes. the cheese really was that good, good enough to warrant a discussion of how best to distract the staff while we all made off with the triple milk Camembert and other delicious treats, extras of which were on a platter rightoutside the dining room door.

such a beautiful day, too. we meandered down Newbury Street after sating ourselves, and it was just perfect weather for walking. (this, of course, did not stop me from trying to hail a limo. why not travel in style, says i? and i thought we deserved it.) i did have to part ways when we got to the Boston Public Garden, as The Dane and i had plans for later in the evening (which, cooincidentally, turned out to be the same movie as all y'all saw), but did get to hang out for a few minutes in the garden, looking at pretty blooming things and people watching. there were two adorable little sisters who made me laugh out loud - one of them had apparently had it, up to here, with her pink flowered jumper dress. and 'up to here' translated to her armpits, which is where said dress was hiked up to. i'm right there with you, girl. quite nice to dress up, and quite nice to dress down when you're done with it.

the rest of the weekend was taken up with driving, and getting to the boat shed, and cleaning, and sneezing a lot (enclosed spaces, mildew and cleaning products will do that), and cleaning some more, and driving some more. we (the Cap'n and The Dane and i) got a fair bit of work done (they more so than me), and there's more to do, and soon the boat will be back in the water, and (providing the new seal on the head holds) Sailing Will Happen. as crazybusy as this summer will be, it will be good to get out on the water and do approximately nothing on the occasional day. stress relief. it's all about stress relief.

yeah. that's the new goal - stress relief. see, shifting things around and taking my life in a new direction is good, but i haven't quite got the hang of it yet. i seem to miss on the basic things, too, like calling my mom on Mother's Day. she didn't get my card, and i didn't remember to call her from the boat shed, and i came home to a 'call me and tell me you're okay, because i'm worried' message, far too late for me to call. so balance, and lists, and remembering to call, and stress relief all become key. that, and the occasional outing with the Boston Blogging Babes, who always put a smile on my face.

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