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Saturday, November 30, 2002

not only am i feeling stuffy and lightheaded, i'm feeling ambivalent.

see, i've added commenting here. and i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

i find myself spending more and more time here, and way less time on the journal. adding commenting here just feeds into that. but i think of myself as a journaller, not a blogger. faux classification, really. we're all writers who want attention. but still.

so the comments are here. if they disappear in the future, please don't be offended. i'm still trying to figure out what i want to be when i grow up. :)

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Friday, November 29, 2002


thought it was allergies. guess not. looks like i'll be spending my long weekend curled up on the couch with a box of soft, lotiony tissues and the remote.

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apparently, my guest book has needed some percussive maintenance, altho i didn't realize it.

turns out the mail notify to let me know you've signed has been... stuck, shall we say, for the last, oh, *two* months! so if you signed the book, and were met with deafening silence (such a lovely oxymoron), please forgive me. i just didn't know. :/

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

what she said.

over here.

i just don't want some guy in some underground lab to be making decisions on what sort of human beings should be born into the world next. you know? as a species, we have a pretty crappy track record when it comes to important decisions. i think i'd rather leave it up to the random magic of sex and dna.

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oh, okay. just one more post.

watching Leno, and he's interviewing Mr. and Mrs. Wright. they've been married over *75* years. and they are just the cutest thing! married in 1927, they're 97 and 96. sharp, funny, and still in love.

Leno asked if they've ever had a fight. he says 'well, everyone fights, don't they? we've had one big one.' 'and how did it work out?' 'i don't know. it hasn't ended yet!' and the two of them giggle at each other, sitting there on the couch.

truly, not only is a sense of humor one of the sexiest things going, it's what helps keep you sane, and keeps things together. listening to that couple for just a few minutes, i have a huge, goofy grin on my face. restores faith in people, that kind of story does.

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just about to head to bed, but wanted to post a little holiday something after an uneventful evening.

the most exciting thing that happened? woke up from my nap on the couch to find myself watching Martha. augh! gah! and the remote isn't working! augh!

if that's the most notable event in the evening, it's not bad. :)

headed out tomorrow for two, count 'em , two holiday dinners. one with my parents, one with my best friend and her wife and family. i've got a gorgeous arrangement, courtesy of my florist, to bring mom, and a few bottles of wine in the trunk of the car to bring my best friend. hopefully, the roads aren't too bad; traffic i can deal with, but it would be nice if the snow doesn't turn to ice. looking forward to catching up with everyone, and loving that i have a four day weekend. maybe that means i can catch up on some projects. just being able to sleep in is treat enough, tho. :)

if you've celebrating Thanksgiving, hope you have a lovely, warm safe holiday with the ones you love.

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okay, fine. i'm not above asking.

i suppose it's not really good form, but. if you read here occasionally, like what you read, and think it's better than cheap ploys for attention involving gratuitous sex offers... give the occasional clix. your humble journaller/blogger would appreciate it. :)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

i had a little free time this morning (yeah, right), so i decided to dye my hair.

while i'm sitting here with something approximately the hue and consistency of nuclear fusion powered carrot purée in my hair, waiting for the timer to beep so i can do my Medea impression in the shower, a story.

i was flipping thru my latest edition of Bead and Button, and found pictures of a shirt embroidered with very intricate lizards.

The Dane: *points at picture* i want to get one of those.
me: *raises eyebrow* oh? (thinking, why do you want a lizard covered bowling shirt?)
The Dane: no, a real one. and i want to get one with a blonde comb.
me: oh. kaaaayyyy.
The Dane: and i'd name him Eddie. because then he'd be Eddie Lizzard!
me: *collapses in giggles*

[ed. note: all y'all know Eddie, right? very funny man. and boxing clever, too. :)]

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i love reading Columbine, digressions and all.

and i love reading him for observations like this:

Oh, sure, some people put [Gabriel Garcia] Marquez into "magical realism" which is an inverse-ghetto label, serving exactly the same function as "erotica," which for many people means "porn I don't personally condemn."

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

okay, wait a minute.

If TiVo thinks you're gay - the hell? for starters, it's an inanimate object. it doesn't *think*. all the computer does is crunch numbers and tailor a sales pitch, based on a human-generated algorithm.

second... well, really, we're done after the first one, aren't we? because if you truly think your TiVo is *thinking*, then it's a pretty clear jump to worrying obsessively about what it thinks of you. ;)

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there's nothing like living alone to entrench some really wierd habits.

to wit: (and i don't really know if this is a habit, or i'm just hyperconscious of my actions) i find myself talking out loud to inanimate objects. i may be a bit more aware of this because The Dane is around. and i may just be verbalizing things that normally stay in my head because of his company, and it seems rude to keep a secret. but the reverse of that is i feel sort of awkward.

then again, i may have been doing this all along as the first step in The Plan. you know - the one where i turn into the crazy old lady with two housecoats and 57 cats who putters around her front yard talking to herself and scaring all the neighborhood kids. ;) gotta start somewhere, right?

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Monday, November 25, 2002

god, i love reading hodgson.

completely aside from the fact that he could spearfish with his nipples (it's true), it's entries like this one that make me love him.

"Get up! It's time to go!"
"Super!" my brain said to my body. "We want to go!"
"GO fuck yourself!" my muscles told it.

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how very cool:

a Navy photo that shows a plane breaking the sound barrier. i had sort of hoped when they promised to explain how it was taken that it would be a bit more scientific, not just what camera and how, altho the how is still interesting. guess i'll have to finish reading Feynman's QED. click thru to the hi res image - it's worth the load time.

update: thanks to bill for sending along this little snippet of info: The cloud ball effect is caused when forward sound waves squeeze moisture in the air.

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i am confused. this is what i get for reading my referrer logs.

someone, not sure who, has me in their blogrolling sidebar as Maura. the hell? not only is that not right, i don't think i've ever, previous to this entry, used that name on my site. where did that come from?

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Sunday, November 24, 2002

oh, the insanity.

Police find 17 sex toys in local woman's car during DUI traffic stop. and what do they arrest her for? the sex toys. not the DUI, the sex toys. because, in Texas, '[t]he law allows investigators to assume that anyone with six or more of the items is intending to promote them.'

um, yeah. what if i just wanted a different one for every day of the week, to go with the 'Day of the Week' underwear? you're telling me that variety is illegal?


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tickled pink, is how i feel.

how cool that my alma mater got one of the first interviews with the apple of apple's eye, Ellen Feiss? so very nifty. :)

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anyone else see an irony in this?

The Boston Globe Online Message board: Should gossip be curbed?

and not the Alanis Morrissette kind of irony, either. ;)

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you know... eh. i try to cut myself some slack. and it's kind of working. but.

see, here's the thing: i was raised to be an over achiever. and even if that wasn't the case, i think that's just part of my personality. so i tend to set the personal bar just high enough that i end up jumping around like a monkey on amphetamines to reach it.

lately, i've determinedly not set goals. just had an idea of what needs to get done, and let myself pick and choose. and it's been good. i've gotten a lot done around the house, mostly by accident. i've spent more time catching up with family and friends. and i've done some volunteering for Community Servings. and that feels nice.

then again, i feel terribly behind on some art projects. also, oh, i don't know... catching up on the last *month* of journal entries? plus, the 100 words project (i'm insanely behind), and getting started on another little project i offered to pick up for ryan... plus, i'd kinda sorta like to have what i affectionately term A Life. :)

still, the buzzer on the dryer just went off, which means i'll have warm, yummy flannel sheets on the bed. so it can't be all bad. right?

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