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Saturday, November 23, 2002

sappy. go ahead, say it. i'm sappy.

despite the fact that i get to spend the weekend with The Dane, i missed him enough to keep him on IM for two hours tonight. right, right, two way street and all that jazz.

i still feel pretty sappy. also, happy, lucky, blessed, adored, and just plain in love. :)

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Friday, November 22, 2002

now remember kids - never stick your finger in a light socket.

thanks to brian for tipping me to this via email. this story sort of gives a whole new meaning to gigahertz.

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always happy to help out a friend. click on thru to see why

Mike needs to be famous... and fast.

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you really need another nifty web toy, right? don't you? don't you really?

courtesy of erika, this fun little toy: I Can't Believe It's Not The Advertising Slogan Generator!. they say that i've got the Poppin' Fresh Outpost. :)

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Thursday, November 21, 2002

talked to my landlord last week, asked him to clean the gutters.

this way, we could avoid the whole freezing/bursting/falling off the house thing.

this morning, woke up to a guy with a sledgehammer taking out my front walk. granted, it needed help. it was uneven enough so as not to drain and form small skating ponds in the winter. so it's good.

but how did 'clean the gutters' become 'replace the front walk'? i have yet to find the translator for that one.

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yes, i am awake. and yes, it's unreasonably early for me.

i didn't sleep at all well last night. for the past week, i've been having persistent death/negative out-of-body dreams. ones where you know you're in trouble, you can hear voices coming for you, and there's nothing you can do because you body has turned into a giant bag of sand. things like that.

disturbing in and of its own right, but then i've gotten more freaked out with the persistence of the image. because, oh, i don't know, *i have my grandmother's sixth sense* perhaps?! and more often than not, the dreams turn out to be true.

i know it's probably just my brain trying to work out some life issues. and recent obsessions have included mortality (mine and others) and life goals. but i have to say, i'm mildly distressed.

and the coffee isn't helping.

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such a freak show.

for some reason, i've been reading a lot about Michael Jackson this week, following The Saga of His Face. one of my coworkers got me started on this. and now, he's all over the place for *dangling a child over a balcony*.

that really has to take the cake. be a freak on your own time, Scary Man. don't involve children.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

this week's this or that questions:

1. Long or short hair?

on me? nearly always short. too much hassle and aggravation to grow it out. i always snap before getting past the awkward stage. but i love me some boys with long hair. you want to sweep me off my feet? have a pony tail, play guitar. :)

2. Microwave or conventional oven?

yes. microwaves are handy things, and the quickest way to cook up some still bright green broccoli. when i get into the groove of things, tho, i really like cooking and baking, and will happily keep the (dragging edge technology) oven fired up all afternoon.

3. Plain or Peanut M&M's?


4. "101 Dalmations"...animated or live-action version?

neither, really.

5. Drink out of bottle/can or pour into a glass?

why dirty up a glass when the beverage of choice comes in a perfectly good container?

6. Sunlight or moonlight?

oh, see... that's a trick question, isn't it? ;) i adore the feeling of sun on my skin, but am much more of a night owl by tempermant.

7. Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy?

Scooter. and Oscar.

8. Glasses or contact lenses (or neither)?

i desperately need my glasses. goddess forbid they get moved once i've taken them off. i will be forced to grope around, because i can only see about a foot without them. nothing sadder than a headachy me searching for lost glasses first thing in the morning.

9. Action movies or chick flicks?

depends on the mood. and i have so many of those. ;) seriously, i like a good action flick as much as the next person. and those ...things... billed as chick flicks are usually too sugary soppy for me. give me an intelligent, articulate movie any day over the Soap Opera of the Week.

10. Toilet seat...up or down?

doesn't even occur to me to check. and if it's the middle of the night? see 'glasses', above. i've lived on my own long enough that if you come over to my house, use the facilities, and leave the seat up i will most likely fall in the drink, so to speak.

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and i suppose this isn't really surprise, either. ;)

Which Izzard Are You?
i'll crawl into a duvet any time
Slut Izzard: You'll crawl into any duvet any time of the day. You get to shag everyone, and wear all their clothes. You're concerned with appearances, whether anyone will shag you, or whether you'll shag anyone else. Rejoice!! For you are a fashion queen.

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pretty damn accurate. shame i'm not musically talented.

in a former life, i could sing on key

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the power of the 'net never ceases to amaze me.

there's a wonderful project called World AIDS Day: Link and Think. it's inspired by A Day With(out) Art. if you have a blog or journal, consider signing up. on December 1, participants use their sites to publish links to resources about HIV/AIDS, news articles, organizations, works of art, and to tell stories about their own experiences. there are already quite a few sites signed up (a half dozen are regular reads of mine).

think about it: we can use this intangible community to help build a web of awareness (pun intentional). what better reason for us all to be here?

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

tired, tired kitten.

that would be me. bone tired. trying to pack too much into one night, followed by a long day wherein much was added to my list for me.

so right now, LittleBittyKittyLoaf and i are going to curl up on the couch, watch my TV boyfriend, and hope for a solid night of sleep. oh, and hope for little Laundry Gnomes to sneak in during the night to do my laundry. that would be good. :)

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some days are too freakin' long. and mine isn't over yet.

at least, tho, the rest of the day is about volunteering, writing, reading, and catching up with friends. that's a good sight more positive than the rest of the day has been.

i will say this: go, me! got a project (assigned unexpectedly) turned around and under the wire by a whole 7 minutes. some days, i rock. ;)

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Monday, November 18, 2002

oh, the joy that is NaNoWriMo.

i think i've mentioned that i flirted with the idea of signing up for this. i flirted with it last year, too. basically, i'm a word tease. ;) but seeing comments like gadfly's ( Has Starbucks figured out how to market crystal meth yet?) - and he is well in the thick of NaNoWriMo - makes me glad i gave it a pass this year.

because, really, i already detest StarSucks. and if i had to get my meth from them? i'd be a *very* unhappy camper. ;)

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huh. i have to say i kinda believe this.

no offense to anyone, but i've never really thought the Shroud of Turin was the real deal. however, i've never heard a credible explanation as to how it might have been created. this theory on the shroud (discovered after rooting around, following an unrelated link) clicks for me. what do you think?

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i'm not really sure where this buzz came from. (needless to say, i'll be researching.)

but it seems to be all the rage to see if your site is accessible in China. and apparently, i may have readers in Beijing.

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out of curiousity: what exactly is scratch?

because, see, i'm sitting here at my desk, looking at the little box of Very Good Cookies i bought myself as a treat the other day. Brent and Sam's Raspberry Chocolate. bite sized goodness.

and on the front of the box, it says 'Made from Scratch'. i can't imagine that Brent and Sam are in the kitchen, baking like my mom used to. so what exactly is scratch? and where can you get in in commercial quantities?

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sometimes, you just can't win for trying.

i got a fair amount accomplished today (and of course, thought i should have done more). the last thing, tho, convinced me to stop.

i went to hang an antique painting by the kitchen cabinets. it's an empty little space of wall, and i thought it could use a shot of color. got out a finish nail and a hammer, put in the nail, went to hang the painting. and damned if the little hangie thing didn't fall off, and clink down thru the intake grate for the heating system.

i even went so far as to lift the grate and peek, but that little piece of hardware has gone to the Great Hardware Heaven in the Sky.

guess that means i'm done.

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over at under a baby moon, bebelua's entry on fear of balloons and strange little kids. and those are two different topics. ;)

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Sunday, November 17, 2002

good lord, that's orange. it's still nifty.

Secret Santa has reanimated, after being in sleep mode for most of the year. i participated last year, and it was great fun. basic idea: have a wish list, sign up, and swap a small gift with someone else. the only thing more fun that getting snail mail is getting snail gifts!

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*giggle*... is it proof that i'm a geek that i found this funny?

courtesy of splorp . blog:

However, nothing is truly perfect, especially when it comes to software. And the longer you use a piece of software, the more gum you find stuck underneath the seat.

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jabberwocky, indeed.

and then again, sometimes it's good to be reminded of the joy of words. to wit: smackalicious, over at eka's site.

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ah, the gift of good words, placed just so.

i was catching up on some journals this morning. and fred has been musing about some Big Questions lately. this entry, A Few Simple Questions, send shivers down my spine. and that's a good thing.

It is in this state of pleasant manual occupation that I seem to have my most entertaining 'thoughts'. While I am distracted by the task at hand, the muses come of their own choosing, not necessarily invited, but welcomed.

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